Training & Seminar

Agenda - Experimental EMC Seminar (on April 2021, hotel seminar room)

Interference Immunity - 1
Your experiment station at the seminar interference immunity

  • EMC compliant layout
  • PCB and device design
  • Hands-on EMC experiments
Experimental EMC Seminar

1. Interference on digital electronic devices

  • Barrier model, EMC uncertainties at the device level
  • EMC mechanisms in the inside of a circuit
  • Classification and handling of an EMC sensor

2. Interference of the key area of the circuit

  • Influence of the input and output parameter of integrated circuits
  • Effects of individual influencing components in circuits (ohmic, magnetic, electric), dependencies of their effects and counter measures
  • Additional measures outside of the circuit - inadequate physical robustness in the circuit

3. Practical debugging of an electronic control system

  • Interference mechanism and timing
  • Determination of functional errors at electric and magnetically interference
  • Failure analysis with field sources
  • Evaluation of weak spots

Participant Fields: Development, EMC Engineering, Construction

Execution: Experimental - learning and understanding EMC with real PCBs and interference

  • The Experimental EMC Seminar - Emission is an advanced seminar for those who have completed the basic seminar Emissions. In this seminar you will increase your understanding of EMC mechanics and how they impact emission. Participants reconstruct typical EMC measurement setups to determine the causes of emission and carry out development-stage measurements.
  • With the help of numerous practical examples the participants will practice using emission measurement instruments and strengthen their understanding of emission. By participating in the Experimental EMC Seminar - Emission part you will have the knowledge to find solutions for noise emission problems yourself.